Usage notes

Notes on using response data in XML format

In "Ekispert API", we add new functions that maintain backward compatibility based on the XML specifications. As a result, there are times when more than one factors return when only a single factor is requested, or the same factor name may be added that differ in class. When using response data in XML form, be sure to confirm the following three items.

1. Number of elements

It is possible for multiple components with the same name to exist in the same layer in XML. When acquiring a component, please implement under the assumption it is always possible to acquire multiple components regardless of the current specifications. For example, the response ResultSet/Course/PassStatus component for route search can be considered as a variation like the one below depending on the path found.

2. Pass specification with factor and attribute

Because XML components and attributes are identified by the path from the top level they contain, please assign an absolute path and not a relative path.

3. Order of factors

There is no guarantee that the order of XML components will be fixed. Please use index attributes to change the position of components where the order is important.

  <Corporation index="1">

About DNS TTL setting

When using the "Ekispert API", please configure the TTL for the DNS appropriately. TTL means the parameter establishing the length of time that the DNS holds packets in the cache. When the TTL for the DNS is not configured correctly, system malfunctions can occur. The "Ekispert API" recommends a TTL configuration of 60 seconds. Please reconfirm your settings on the application side, as well as being careful about unintended caches.

For those developing in Java

When carrying out application development using Tomcat, setting the security manager to ON will make the DNS cache indefinite. Reconfirm whether the security manager is ON or not.

About global IP address

Multiple global IP addresses exist for the "Ekispert API", and these are changeable. Controls such as IP restrictions and so on cannot be performed, so please be careful.

About time zone

The "Ekispert API" uses Japan Standard Time (JST) as any datetime parameters in both requests and responses.