Get latitude / longitude response as world geodetic system

Output latitude and longitude in world geodetic system, instead of Japan geodetic system (default)


1. Convert response latitude and longitude from Japanese geodetic system to world geodetic system by adding gcs parameter

In the request example route search /search/course/extreme uses this, but it can also use API as response, if it uses latitude and longitude.

GET /v1/xml/search/course/extreme?key=your_access_key_here&viaList=高円寺:阿佐ヶ谷&gcs=wgs84
<ResultSet apiVersion="" engineVersion="201601_02a">
<Course searchType="departure" dataType="onTimetable">
<Route timeOther="0" timeOnBoard="2" exhaustCO2="26" index="1" exhaustCO2atPassengerCar="201" distance="12" timeWalk="0" transferCount="0">
<Point index="1">
<Station code="22671">
<Prefecture code="13">
<GeoPoint longi="" lati="" longi_d="139.649826" gcs="wgs84" lati_d="35.705332"/>


When specifying the coordinate information, if the reference system is omitted, the value of the request parameter according to the GCS will be used. Please pay attention to this when specifying the coordinates.